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Str : 14 Dex : 20 Con : 12 Int : 14 Wis : 9 Cha : 16
Race : Elf Class : Fighter/Thief Alignment : Chaotic Good
Where he is : Loitering on a bridge in the first Cloakwood map.
Special : Coran has a dexterity of 20, and 3 proficiency points in 'bow'.
Thieving Skills : Coran is a lockpicker and is stealthy.

Bardan says : "Need an Archer? Pick Coran. Need a lockpicker? Pick Coran. Need a scout? Pick Coran. I think you're getting the point.
Coran's illegally high dexterity and illegally high number of proficiency points in 'bow' makes him the most astonishing sniper, able to pound the enemy with rapid-fire damage before they get within striking distance. His high stealth abilities combine beautifully with these advantages, making Coran the ultimate snipe-and-fade technician. Not too terribly hot in a stand-up melee due to his weak hitpoints, he nevertheless is a cornerstone of the canonical 'good party'.
Added to this, he has his own little quest in Baldur's Gate - again, adding to the feelings of roleplay authenticity in the game. Also, when you meet him he will be intent on finding and killing a group of wyverns. If you don't hurry up, he'll leave, so go take care of that quickly, then revel in the strike-and-fade tactics open to you as he stays with your party forever. Added to this, if you have him and Safana in the same party, he will(amusingly) try his smooth-talking routine on her, leading to some funny banter.
Coran comes highly recommended."