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Str : 16 Dex : 12 Con : 15 Int : 13 Wis : 10 Cha : 16
Race : Human Class : Bard Alignment : Neutral Evil
Where he is : Hanging about in the Cloakwood.
Special : Eldoth can create poisoned arrows as a special ability.

Bardan says : "If you're on the lookout for a smarmy, egotistical fool, then you've found one in Eldoth. A Bard more suited to hack and slash than chant and cast, Eldoth can come in useful in alot of situations, like most bards. His high lore rating (despite his sucky intelligence and wisdom) makes identifying items free and easy, and his high strength and constitution means that when called upon, he can survive in a fight.
If you can stand his pretentious prattle, then Eldoth is maybe half-decent if used correctly. His poisoned arrows are effective, though his low dexterity means that his missile weapon skills aren't up to par with some of the other snipers out there. His low intelligence (for a spellcaster) means that you're going to have problems getting him to successfully learn spells.
In conclusion, we have a spellcaster who is not very good at casting spells, whose primary asset is his lore, which is lower than it could be, who can create poisoned arrows, but is unable to hit anything with them. Not what I'd call a good companion.
His banter is fairly amusing, though. Like all the witty men, he hits on Safana, and like the others, he fails just as miserably. Should you follow his 'quest', you can recruit Skie, who is normally unrecruitable. However, this doesn't make him worth the effort. Few spell skills, no missile weapon skills, limited weapon skills and limited personality make Eldoth a character to avoid unless you really, really want Skie."