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Str : 13 Dex : 17 Con : 10 Int : 16 Wis : 9 Cha : 17
Race : Human Class : Thief Alignment : Chaotic Neutral
Where she is : Hunting for treasure near the lighthouse.
Special : Safana can cast 'Charm Animal' as a special ability.
Thieving Skills : Safana is good with locks and traps.

Bardan says : "Safana is a good NPC, having decent dexterity, good stats, good thieving skills, and she is funny and entertaining. However, she has one major weakness : Imoen. Basically, anything safana can do, Imoen can do it better. Safana can nearly dual-class, but 'nearly' doiesn't count.
If you have to have a thief while Imoen is dual-classing, then get Safana - she has good banters, levels up fast, and has decent stats. If you're going to leave Immy as a thief, then don't bother with her, unless it's to listen to her rather sultry voice."