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Str : 10 Dex : 19 Con : 8 Int : 16 Wis : 15 Cha : 14
Race : Drow (Dark Elf) Class : Cleric Alignment : Neutral Evil
Where she is : Failing to escape the law at Peldvale.
Special : Viconia has 50% magic resistance - this affects beneficial or harmful magic.

Bardan says : "One of the most popular NPCs in Baldur's Gate 2 makes her appearance here. Viconia is a decent cleric (though not as good as in BG2) who is hamstrung somewhat by her low strength - no plate mail for her!
Still, her innate 50% magic resistance comes in handy while mage killing, and her 15 wisdom means she is a decent cleric. However, do your best to keep her away from the front line. She has low strength - meaning little armour - and low constitution. Vicky is a healer and a buffer, not a fighter.
Also, Vicky hates Kivan, and the feeling is quite mutual. The two will exchange quite a few bitter words. I mean, really bitter.
The final thing to note is that if you take Viconia on board, you take a reputation hit - you lose 2 reputation points straight away. Though evil parties won't care overmuch (unless it leads to constant hassle by the authorities), neutral and good parties will not be pleased.
Mainly, Vicky's potential depends on how you use her. if you try to buff her up and send her into melee, then maybe you should read what I've typed again. If you intend to use her to heal people up and biff up the likes of Minsc, Kivan (!) and Kagain, then she'll do very well. I recommend her."